ERMA offers individual and interactive online training sessions for AB 1234, Ethics Education; and AB 1825, Prevention of Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation that are available 24/7 through in2vate, formerly AGOS, at

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ERMA also offers live, regional training for AB 1825 and other topical employment related matters "add-ons". 
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Thursday, 9/29/16


City of Laguna Hills

AB 1825

Wednesday, 10/5/16


City of Los Altos

AB 1825+Sup 101

Wednesday, 10/12/16


City of Pleasant Hill

Div/Gen Sensitivity

Thursday, 10/13/16


City of Ceres

AB 1825+Div/Gen

Tuesday, 10/18/16

Wednesday, 10/19/16

Thursday, 10/20/16

Wednesday, 11/2/16

Wednesday, 11/9/16

Wednesday, 11/16/16

Thursday, 12/1/16

Tuesday, 12/6/2016

Wednesday, 12/14/16












City of San Ramon

City of Lemoore

City of Rancho Cucamonga

City of Yreka


City of Coachella

PERMA-Cathedral City

Rancho Cucamonga



AB 1825

Supervisor 101

Div/Gen Sensitivity

AB 1825

Supervisor 101

AB 1825

Div/Gen Sensitivity

Social Media

AB 1825


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Public Agency Risk Sharing Authority of California (PARSAC)

Public Entity Risk Management Authority (PERMA)

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